Measuring Colander

When you look up a recipe in a cook book, they all give you all kinds of instructions and you are given specific quantities. But many times you can’t measure all the ingredients easily. Here is the perfect kitchen tool – Measuring Colander. It is very useful and very easy to use and allows you to both measure the ingredients used and also to wash and drain them at the same time. This colander is made of very resistant white ABS plastic and it has a lot of round holes in it, letting water drain easily. You can use it for measuring fruit for example while you wash them for making jam or something else like stewed fruit.

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The colander has a wide handle and this is very useful, as you can grab it easily. Since wet fruit can be pretty heavy sometimes, this proved really well thought and designed. The tool measures both in cups and in pints , too and it is also perfect as size and shape to nest some other kitchen tools inside it, saving a lot of space in your cupboard. It has a three cup capacity and is perfectly safe to clean in the dishwasher. The item can be purchased from Container Store for $12.99.