McKenna Jewelry Box

Women need a lot of things and among them are a lot of things they use for getting a beautiful appearance. These are the jewels. They are so beautiful and nice and we all love them, but they need to be kept somewhere , in a place where you can find them easily and where they can be arranged and not just deposited. And for a classy woman it is really important to match the jewel box with the existing furniture and the overall design of the room. So here is a nice-looking white jewelry box that is made of wood and which is perfect for an elegant bedroom belonging to a stylish woman.

This jewelry box was created by McKenna and has a lot of compartments and tiny drawers that are perfect for all your jewelry. It also has a mirror that allows you to admire your nice earrings or necklace or whatever you decide to wear and see if they fit the make-up and the dress. You can also lock it if you own some valuable jewels. You can buy it now from Pottery Barn for $159.