Mayline Aberdeen Bookcase

Whether you are at home or at the office you need a lot of things and a lot of space to store these things. Cabinets are an option but sometimes you just need some smaller pieces of furniture that can help you organize things and take some smaller space at the same time. For example this amazing and simple Mayline Aberdeen Bookcase is the perfect thing you need for a smaller office or room. It fits the corner of the room perfectly and has five laminated shelves. The bookshelf has an unusual shape because it has to fit the corner, so it has an angle on the outside and the edges are rounded in order to avoid accidents.

L11395345This shelf can be used for storing or displaying small items like books , but also other decorative accessories like ceramics, vases, figurines, fruit bowls and so on. It has has exceptional abrasion and stain resistance. You can choose the colour of the bookshelf between mocha and maple, depending on the overall design of your room or office. What is most interesting and useful about this piece of furniture is the fact that it has holes at the back that allow easy access of cables, so that you can display small lamps or other electric devices and hide the ugly cables. The item is available for $231.99.