Mayfair Sconce for the Door

Someone said you don’t realize the importance of a thing until you lose it. Well, it is true in most cases and this includes the porch light or the light by the front door. You may laugh as much as you want but think about the following scenario: someone knocks at your door in the middle of the night and your front door light isn’t working. I know, you are not laughing any more. So every little thing in the house or outdoors has its function and importance.

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This nice Mayfair sconce is perfect to be used on your porch or on the front door, casting light on the house number but also on the face of the person knocking or ringing at your door. Actually this sconce comes together with the number plate, so it’s both useful and very nice looking, stylish I may say. The lamp is right above the numbers and the plate can hold up to four numbers that are made of polished brass. The light bulb in the lamp is 75 watts, type A – pretty regular and it is not included in the price, which is $69.99 at Pottery Barn.