Maximizing Storage Space In Your Small Front Entry

Your front door and entry are the welcoming point of your home. It’s where you greet guests, place your personal belongings when coming home from work, and where you love to sit and get ready to face the day before leaving your home. If you have a large front entry the question of storage may not be an issue. While if you have a small foyer or front entry storage could be a challenge. If you’ve been trying to find ways to maximize storage space in your small front entry, consider these helpful tips.

front entry decorative
Maximize storage in your front entry

What activities do your family enjoy?

Before you can maximize space you have to assess the daily lifestyle of your family coming in and out of your front entry. For many families a bench, chair or sitting space is ideal. In a small front area consider adding a storage bench that you would find in a mudroom. The seat usually can lift up for storage of kids backpacks, athletic equipment, and even pet supplies before you head out the door to walk the dog. Just because your front entry is small doesn’t mean you can’t find storage and a comfortable place to sit while putting on your shoes.

front entry furniture
Decorate your front entry with seating and a table

Choosing the perfect table:

If your front entry is large enough, consider adding a table or surface you can put your keys, the current mail from the mailbox, or your purse/wallet everyday. Consider small varieties such as a half circular table, or even a small pedestal table next to the front door will provide a storage space as well as a decorative ledge. For many homes a small half wall can serve as a resting area for small belongings and decorative elements. Try and keep the foyer table clutter-free with only the essentials. If you need more storage space, opt for a table with drawers or open shelving below.

front entry decor idea
Front entry decor ideas for your home

Vertical storage on your front entry walls:

The most forgotten area of your foyer is vertical space in the forms of your walls. This is a great way to bring storage off of the floor and free up walking area.  Mirrors, small bookshelves and even framed art to store your pictures can help beautify your front entry with decor that also serves a function. Large mirrors hung in your foyer will give the illusion of more space and give you a ‘last-minute’ look at yourself before leaving out the house! Choose wall elements that can store books, hooks that hang up outerwear and shelving for seasonal decorations.

front entry minimalist
Create a front entry that has creative seating
front entry small
Maximize wall space with a foyer mirror

Creating a functional and beautiful front entry can often be a challenge, and many homeowners forget about this important welcoming area of their home. Use these ideas when creating a foyer that provides storage, but also fits your family lifestyle. If your children need a place to put school bags or you need a place to unload the groceries, think of these elements when designing your front entry. Your front entry should also display pictures, mirrors, and house small furniture to sit and rest your belongings for a front entry that welcomes the family as well as your guests.

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