Maverick chair by Birgit Hoffman

Chairs are among the most used and useful pieces of furniture in any house. Whatever you do and no matter how many people are in the house, you still need chairs to sit on. Old people prefer traditional and simple chairs, while young people prefer the modern ones with a futuristic design. If your family is made of both kinds of people and you want to have them all pleased, you should try to combine these features and get some chairs that everybody likes like this interesting Maverick chair . This chair is designed by Birgit Hoffmann in 2011 and is now manufactured by KFF and looks pretty interesting.

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This chair is simple in design, but it is also available in a few versions that make it very versatile and you might think we are dealing with a totally different piece of furniture. For example you have the simple version that does not have arm rests, with a solid wooden frame and four sturdy though slim legs, and the seat shell made of moulded wood so as to follow the natural curve of the human back. Then there is the version with armrests that are added to the sides and look like gentle wings. You can have the chair upholstered or not and choose the colour for the upholstery. Of course the price will vary according to your choices. Go here for a price request or for placing an order.