Mats Gustafson ‘s Apartment in Stockholm

As I have already confessed by love for everything that is Swedish there is no doubt that I adore their life style, their houses, their practical way of thinking and many other fantastic things they owe. My Swedish experience marked my whole life and I will always be grateful to my Swedish friends who have helped to become what I am today.

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The images of this elegant and stylish apartment located in Stockholm reminded of all these great things related to Sweden. The apartment, designed by Fernlund + Logan belongs to the artist Mats Gustafson and is a place that is characteristic to the Nordic people. Its simplicity, sobriety, refinement, classic style and the vintage accents are features that can characterize Scandinavian people. They love modernity but at the same time they adore and try to keep their traditions.

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Mats Gustafson’s apartment with its classic decorated ceilings, the vintage wood pieces of furniture but the gorgeous XL paper pendant lamps, the chairs with furs, the paintings on the walls or the presence of other objects of art create a marvelous refined space.

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The nuances of gray and brown are contrasted by the white walls and add elegance and sobriety to this artistic design apartment. Although you might think that sobriety dominates all the interiors there is the big amount of light and the white walls that make of this apartment a warm and peaceful place.