Matchbox Gardens from Another Studio

A very cute and somewhat funny solution for small apartments that need some green from place to place is to have miniature planters. For example, a cute collection comes from Another Studio. The Matchbox Gardens are in fact very small planters shaped like miniature houses with garden in front.

Matchbox Gardens bothView in gallery

The planter comes with everything you need in order to grow your plants. All you have to do is attach the house to the garden, sow the seeds and add a little water. In about three days they should be visible and ready to admire. After that you’ll be able to enjoy the little lawn for about three weeks. Then you can just repeat the process. The gardens come in little boxes measuring 105 x 70 x 15 mm each. The tray is waterproof. The set also comes with instructions so you know exactly what to do in order to grow your garden.

Even though they say this is a solution for small apartments I find it more appropriate for little kids. It’s like a science project for them and also a way to learn how to care and take care of something. I remember when I used to grow beans and other small plants when I was a kid. For me it was very exciting so I thing the children will especially like this piece mostly because of its friendly shape.