Master Jack Armchair

If you choose to decorate your vintage room with a Master Jack Armchair like the one in the picture, you will find one availabe for 349£.The armchair features a classical design,a combination of a distressed fabric centre section with leather sides.

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The name of the armchair comes from the design of the fabric covering the exterior of the armchair: the Union Jack, the nickname of the British flag. However, it is not that conspicuous, as the model is a bit worn out , but the leather sides are simply great.  Any way, this is a vintage armchair so it is supposed to look a bit worn out.

But the leather is brand new and the materials used to cover up the wooden framework are full aniline premium leather and distressed fabric. The designer is a British lady called Jennifer Cooper and she tried to build a special piece of furniture that will look great in your living room , also adding a touch of patriotism to it.