Masculine interior design apartment in Greenwich Village

This luxurious apartment belongs to Frank Carfaro, a 41 bachelor who knows exactly what he wants. When he renovated the apartment he wasn’t afraid to make changes. He didn’t even think about when he ripped out the bath tub. He felt like it didn’t express the right mood so.The mood he was trying to achieve was that of a super-luxe hotel. Of course, he only wanted that until he would start a family but it was well worth the trouble.

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Frank replaced the tub with a steam shower. It wasn’t just any steam shower. In fact, it was so powerful that one time someone passing by thought there was a fire and called the fire department. Now imagine what he did with the rest of the place. He insulated the floors and the ceilings so that the music won’t bother the neighbors and he connected the living room and bedroom for fast access.

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As for the furniture, most of it is mid-century modern and comes from Frank’s SoHo furniture company. Even though this apartment seems to have a lot going on, it only covers a surface of 550 square feet. However, it was large enough for Frank to turn it into his dream apartment. The renovated cost about $150.000 and it was truly spectacular. Now this is what a call a real bachelor’s apartment.{found on nytimes}