Marylin Monroe Themed Hotel Room

Some people stuck on collective memory a lot longer than others, apparently for no particular reason but for their charming personality. Marylin Monroe was not such a great actor, but she certainly knew how to make an impression, especially on men. So we still remember her dearly and call her sweetheart and love her memory. There is a huge industry that sells lots of items with her face on, from cigarette lighters to dresses and magazines. Any way, hotels have tried to do something about it and to “borrow” some of the actress’ charm and fame and … they designed Marylin Monroe themed hotel rooms or suites. SO , if you ever go to Oregon, to Jupiter Hotel in Oregon, ask for the Marylin Monroe suite and you will see what I mean.

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What I like about it is the clean and fresh look of the room. The only thing that gives a hint to the theme is the huge photo of Marylin Monroe that you can see stuck to the wall. No sign of MM imitation, pictures, portraits, kitch everywhere, but a modern looking and comfortable hotel suite, with a nice interior design, without many adornments and crystals as you would expect in a MM themed hotel room. Even the photo is in black and white, which is all the more good taste.

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