12 Marvelous Menu DIY’s for Your Friendsgiving

In recent years, a new Thanksgiving surrounded by family, someone created Friendsgiving. You still get to have the turkey and dress up the house but instead of celebrating with your family, you celebrate with your friends! If this is your year to host the brilliant new holiday, you’re probably already stressed out about what to cook and which centerpiece to make. I can tell you that there is one thing that never fails to impress: a real menu. Once you have your recipes laid out, make a menu to put on the table so they know which cocktails you’re offering and what comes after the turkey. Here are 12 marvelous menus that you can DIY to impress all your Friendsgiving guests.

Menu for Thanksgiving on a PumpkinView in gallery

Create your menu and your centerpiece in one simple DIY. Use a pencil to draw your menu on a pumpkin and then paint to make it look awesome. It can be done last minute, as long as you give the paint time to dry, and it’s and affordable menu option. (via The Merrythought)

cootie catcher menuView in gallery

Do you remember making these cootie catchers as a kid? Well get ready to reminisce because your guests will love finding these paper menus at their place when they sit down. (via Oh Lovely Day)

Embellished printable menuView in gallery

Printables are definitely the best reason to have a printer! These gorgeous menu cards are one printable away. Then you can add the gold glitter embellishments… or a strip of washi tape… or anything else you can think of! (via Handmade Mood)

Thanksgiving menu on a sliced woodView in gallery

A wood slice chalkboard isn’t a new thing. But it makes a wonderful show of a Friendsgiving menu! You’ll be glad you made this because you’ll end up using it for every dinner party ever after. (via Eighteen 25)

DIY Menu WheelView in gallery

I couldn’t resist adding this gorgeous menu wheel. Guests have to turn it to find out what’s next on the list. Plus, you can take the back piece off after the meal and make a new one for next time! (via Design Sponge)

Mini brown paper menuView in gallery

Pain brown craft paper is so amazing. You can use it for countless DIY projects and wrap presents with it and use it as a mat in a frame. Or you can put a pretty scrawl on it for your Friendsgiving menu. (via Chic Vintage Brides)

Paper bag MenuView in gallery

Got a paper bag and a printer? Then you’re well on your way to having these printed menu paper bags on your table for your Friendsgiving. You can use the template here or create your own, but either way it will be impressive. (via Parties for Pennies)

DIY menu bookView in gallery

This might be one of the simplest yet lovely menu DIYs yet. You can make a little booklet with some paper, a stick and a rubber band. Something so simple can even be made by your kids while you make the sweet potato casserole and you can write in the menu later. (via Earnest Home Co.)

Menu balloonView in gallery

If you have a sideboard, you’re going to want to make this menu. A painted menu balloon will be a surprise for the guests, while leaving more space on the table for the food. Long live cranberry sauce. (via The Merrythought)

Framed menu on wall for friendsgivingView in gallery

For those in possession of a large framed mirror or chalkboard, first I envy you. Second, cover it up in craft paper to display a menu that’s on the large size. It will give you plenty of space for all the curlycues and fancy handwritten extras. (via Lonny)

Handwitten pocket menuView in gallery

Speaking of handwritten extras, you’re going to want to take that calligraphy class for this idea. Use your best lettering to write your menu on a simple card. Then place it inside a pocket folded napkin. You’ll be a pro by the time you get to the last guest. (via The Chic Site)

Thanksgiving Printables Vertical MenuView in gallery

Are you seriously out of decorating time for your Friendsgiving feast? Don’t worry. You can customize and print this menu easy peasy. Just place it on each guest’s plate and let the food do the rest. (via Elegance and Enchantment)