Marvelous Californian Eco-Chic Interior Design

We live in challenging times; times that call for new ways of doing things, for new ways of producing energy, ways to preserve our planet as it is now so our kids see it as we see it. These times change everything and the most important part that is being changed is the way we things. Our entire mentality is focused now around the “eco” concept. This doesn’t mean that we have to recycle but reaches deeper implications like sustainability.

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In this spirit a contemporary house in California was just build and it has been recently certificated by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design ( LEED) regarding the environmental fingerprint. I present you this property as a proof that it is possible to combine luxury with the actual environmental concerns.  Do not imagine that this modern home is a plastic box filled by recycled plastics of insulating foam.The entire design and project was done by SB Architects a San Francisco-based design studio

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No, this marvelous residence has it all from Western Red Cedar, marvelous wooden floors to reclaimed metal and  very energy efficient appliances. The key to make something like that is to focus on every detail like getting inside as much natural light as possible, natural ventilation and so on. As we can see this design focuses also on multi-floor living offering marvelous views and outdoors spaces , terraces, balconies because is simply inacceptable to build something green, energy efficient and not mix it with the surroundings.