Marvellous Hot Tubs That Defy Standards To Become Exceptional

Most hot tubs we’re familiar with are quite common, featuring a sort of standard design and structure. Then there are luxury hot tubs which take everything to a new level. They have added features and all sorts of accessories, not to mention that there are some really awesome designs to be amazed by. In a category of their own there’ a collection of hot tubs that defy standard in one way or another. These are the hot tubs that really stand out.

Soak wood fired hot tub
Soak wood fired hot tub with logs storage
Soak wood fired hot tub design
Soak wood fired hot tub top

Modern-day hot tubs were originally inspired by the Japanese Ofuro tubs and later started to develop their own style and standards. Lately, however, designers started to go back to these origins and to explore them in new and unique ways. A good example would the SOAK tub. It’s a two-person hot tub with a marine grade aluminum body and a minimal design. It has a special nook for firewood storage and a stainless steel stove pipe. This wood-fired hot tub is indeed quite special.

Dutchtub wood liggend

There was a time when wood-fired hot tubs were perceived as less sophisticated than those powered by electricity. However, a lot of luxury hot tubs these days show that the opposite is now true. The Dutchtub use a wood-fired stove to heat the water inside. It even has a very simple and rustic look, with a wooden outer shell which gives it a particularly comfortable and enjoyable look.

ALFI brand FireHotTub-YE Round Fire Burning Portable

A similar system is featured by the FireHotTub. As you can see, it doesn’t need to be plugged in or to be connected to a drain. Its design really makes a statement, combining vintage charm with modern flair and beauty. Enjoy the brightly-colored look and the cute and cheerful form and turn this unique tub into a focal point for your garden or backyard.

Dutchtub Loveseat has a simple design

The Dutchtub Loveseat has a simple design, being made of fiberglass and featuring the same wood-burning heating system as the other models described so far. It comes in lots of different colors, the standard options including orange, blue and white with the possibility to also customize your own loveseat tub with any color you want for an extra cost. This unusual tub is the creation of designer Floris Schoonderbeek.

Collapsible tub and coil combo

Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to bring a hot tub with you when going camping or anywhere else you might go? You can actually do that now thanks to systems such as the Collapsible tub and coil combo which fit in a duffel bag. It’s all easy to install and to use, not to mention that the tub and coil together weigh only 50 lbs which is less than 23 kg. This isn’t just something you could take with you on your adventures but also a reliable option for your own backyard. You can install it for a certain period of time and then just store it somewhere safe to make room for something else.

Hammock bathtub

An even more interesting concept is that of a hot tub hammock. It’s actually called the Hydro Hammock and it’s designed to function as a regular hammock, a hot tub, a waterbed or a swinging pool. The heating system can be fed by a garden hose, a stream or a lake or it can be used to recirculate the water inside the hammock in order to maintain the desired temperature.

HotTug on water
HotTug on water blue design

But why be fixed to a single spot when enjoying your hot tub when you could be sailing away and enjoying nature? That’s actually something you can do with the HotTug. This wood-fired hot tub can float down a river or on a lake, allowing those inside to relax and enjoy the hot water even when it’s freezing outside and they’re surrounded by snow and ice.

Hot Tub Boat Design

The idea of being able to sail away in your hot tub was taken to a new level. We’re talking about the Hot Tub Boat which, as the name suggests, is an electric boat with a hot tub built into its deck. The deck is made of African teak and the tub is positioned on the boat’s center of buoyancy in order to have stability. The boat has a waterproof stereo system that lets you enjoy your favorite tunes while having a soak as well as plenty of storage under the deck for everything else you might need on your journey.

Dutchtub wood liggend

Ever wondered how it would be like to take your hot tub out for a drive? Or perhaps you imagined at some point how a Cadillac would look like if it were filled with hot water. That sounds quite odd but it’s actually something you can now experience thanks to the Hot Tub Cadillac. The idea was first tried out back in 1996 when a prototype was built using an ‘82 Chevy Malibu. Then in 2008 a ‘69 Cadillac DeVille became the new Carpool DeVille.