Martini Side Table

I may be mistaken sometimes in choosing the right glass for a beverage because they all seem to look exactly the same for me : the white wine glass, the red wine glass and the water glass. But I have never been mistaken in choosing the right glass for a Martini. It has that special shape and design that all people know and recognize, the perfect angle for supporting the olive and let the magic liquor flow gently out. I am sure you all know the shape of a Martini glass and that is why I am also sure you understand why this side table is called the Martini Side Table. It obviously looks like a Martini glass, except for the fact that its base is a bit wider. This allows it to have more stability and support more weight.


These side tables are made of polished aluminum and are pretty cool and modern, since they come in vivid colours like orange, lemon, black, white, etc.Some of them even have a powder coating that allows them to be used outdoors without getting damaged.They are empty on the inside, which makes them pretty lightweight, so you can transport them easily from one place to another, depending on your needs. You can buy one such table for $129 from West Elm.