Martin Steininger Designed Herbal Kitchen

The urban kitchen is all about style and efficiency and this is where designers like Martin Steiningerexcel. Martin has designed a couple of modern kitchens he dubs the Herbal Kitchen and the Wine Kitchen. Wine Kitchen is ideal for wine lovers as it offers under-counter bottle storage and an integrated concealed compartment for wine along with cheese degustation silver ware.

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The same kitchen also gets a sink and a stylish transparent-door fridge. The Herbal Kitchen gets the same look as the wine kitchen but it caters to please the chef as well. The kitchen allows you to live and cook with the fragrance of growing herbs.

Plants don’t usually get along with the kitchens, probably because of the heat and constant temperature changes. But it’s possible, as you can see from these pictures. Modern kitchen fixtures are more and more sophisticated and they allow you to do things you have never dreamed of.

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People usually spend quite a lot of time in the kitchen, so it’s a good investment to create a functional and modern kitchen design. It’s good for the whole family, not just for the one cooking the meals. It’s so much easier to cook nowadays thanks to all the technological discoveries. This kitchen furniture collection looks very sophisticated, almost to elegant and precious to have in your kitchen.