10 Side Tables Perfect For Every Modern Nook And Cranny

Thanks to their small dimensions and diversity of forms and designs, side tables are incredibly versatile and perfect for all sorts of spaces. There’s always need for a side table in the living room and if you think the design suits the space you can even use one as a nightstand for the bedroom. Small reading nooks, kitchen corners, entryways and hallways are all spaces that could use a side table in their composition.

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The Marrakesh side table is a beautiful accent piece that can be successfully incorporated in living rooms, bedrooms and a variety of other spaces. Its hidden casters at the bottom allow it to be easily moved around as needed, increasing its functionality and making it even more practical and versatile. The shape of the table makes it an especially great accessory for sofas.

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A similar type of functionality comes in a rather different form in the case of the Freund table. It has casters and this makes it highly mobile. In addition, this design also incorporates a bottom shelf which can be used for storage. Fill the space with books and other items to make the most of the table. The overall form also makes this table an interesting bar cart.

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The Porcino is in fact a coffee table. It comes in two sizes and the smaller one has the right dimensions and shape needed to make it a successful side table. The oak wood top is combined with steel rod legs that form a tripod, giving the table a sleek and elegant look and making it perfect for modern and contemporary interiors.

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In case you’d like a bit more flexibility when it comes to size, check out the Ester tables. This is in fact a set of three side tables all made of stainless steel and with round tops. They have slightly different dimensions and they are designed to be flexible and modular. In other words, you can easily disassemble them and then mix and match the pieces to create the perfect side table for the space you have in mind.

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Although it may look more like a bar stool, the Topsy is actually a table. It has a design that allows it to have ad adjustable height so you can choose the right height for the right space. The frame is made of solid beech wood and can either have a natural finish or a painted one.

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Another rather odd-looking table is called Ren and is manufactured by Paltrona Frau. The name is actually very significant in this case. For each piece in the collection, the designers chose to display the shape of the Chinese ideogram “ren” which means “person”. This gives this side table its unusual form and unique character.

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A combination of glass and metal was chosen for the Chloe drink table displayed in this styligh living room. The table has a sleek and stylish look and the metal frame actually allows it to look very lightweight and delicate. The glass top appears to be suspended, being protected by a thin metal rim.

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A similar combination of the materials is featured by the side table used in this family room. As you can see, the height and the shape of the table are very well chosen in order to complement the sofa. It’s important to carefully analyze ever aspect of the side table before deciding on a design.

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Side tables with designs such as this one are very practical when paired with a low sofa. Their form is particularly adapted to allow the table to become an accessory for those sitting on the sofa, providing a surface on which to place a laptop, magazine, a drink or a book.

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Some side tables can offer quite a bit of storage. For example, the one used in this living room has two shelves on which to store books, magazines, remote controls and other things or on which to display beautiful decorations.