Marni shop interior design in Barcelona

Marni is an Italian fashion label founded in 1994 by Consuelo Castiglioni. It sells products in 16 countries and has boutique shops in London, New York, Los Angeles, Beijing, Shanghai, Sydney, Moscow, Kuwait, Tokyo and, more recently, in Barcelona. In 2011, Marni has launched its newest flagship shop in Barcelona. It can be found at 304 Carrer de Provença, Barcelona.

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The store features an entrance hall that leads to a small staircase. As you descend, you reach the main sales room. It’s a 127 square meter space filled with Marni’s signature elements. The décor includes a large, floor to ceiling stainless steel tree. The same material is found in the railings found on the walls. They serve as display hangars for the clothing products. Overall, the interior décor of the shop is modern and minimalist. It has only few focal points but they are colorful and with a strong visual impact.

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The entrance, as well as the façade of the shop, is also minimalist. It features hanging mannequins, clear and simple architectural lines and neutral colors for the background. The monotony is broken by the backlit fiberglass display boxes that immediately catch the client’s attention. They create a dramatic effect and have a simple and modern look. It’s a place where architecture and fashion work together and result in a stylish composition.