Maritime Tommy Hilfiger Mariners Cove Bedding

America means many things but it has always been called the land of dreams, where everything was possible. There are many people who dreamed to go to America and start a new life. They wanted to change their life into a better one or just escape from a place where they could not fit anymore and tried to search for a new place or even a new identity. If you watch the film called “Far Away” where Tom Cruise and Nichole Kidman make a great couple you will have here a nice exemplification of what means America for those who dreamed to conquer it and get their own place here.

Tommy Hilfiger Mariners Cove

The American flag is one of the symbols of the country and its design has inspired this Maritime Tommy Hilfiger Mariners Cove bedding. There were used the same colors of the flag although they were arranged in a different way. Red, white and blue watercolor stripe in various sizes and directions so that they create an original design for this bedding. The nautical themed design will also satisfy those who love sea and sailing. The combination of white and blue seems to dominate so that it makes you think of those elegant sailors’ uniforms. Boys will love it and they even can imagine that they are at the board of their own ship wearing the white and blue uniform of captain.

The 100% cotton material of Tommy Hilfiger Mariners Cove Bedding will make you feel more nice and comfortable when you use these sheets, shams and comforter. For a price of $39.99 and $169.99 this maritime bedding can be yours!