Maritime Mistletoe Tablecloth

When it’s time to celebrate and start the holiday season, we prepare the whole house for it. For Christmas especially we try harder because it is the most important holiday in the year from my point of view. It is both a religious holiday, but also the end of the year, the time for resolutions and promises for the future. So we , the women in the house, try to take care of all the details – like the tablecloth for example. I try to match the tablecloth with the spirit of the holiday and also with the overall design in the house. This Maritime Mistletoe Tablecloth is perfect for Christmas as it combines in a very nice way the colour of the mistletoe which is a winter tradition and also the marine touch of the design.

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The tablecloth combines the red of the berries with the very nice dark green of the  forest – all against the wonderful ivory of the background which emphasizes the contrast even more. The tablecloth is made in USA and the material of choice is 100% hand printed cotton. You are free to combine the available items as you see fit, starting with the size of the tablecloth and finishing with the number of napkins that have a stitch mistletoe pattern. The price starts from $80.