Marimekko Metropoli Storing Basket

When you have kids you must have a lot of ideas for storing things because, whether you like it or not, things will pile up and you will need some place to store them. OK, even if you don’t have kids you need some place for storing items. If you stay for more than three years in one place, things will gather. Well, at first I used cardboard boxes and I put labels on them in order to know exactly what was inside. But these things are a bit ugly so I had to hide them. Besides, after you open and close them more than ten times they will deteriorate and fall apart. So I tried something else. This is how I came across the idea of storing things in canvas bags or baskets. They are perfect for storing old clothes that you do not want to throw, dirty towels, bedding and so on. This Marimekko Metropoli Storing Basket is perfect.

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First of all this basket is made of canvas, so the items inside can be properly aired and will not get mold or a stale smell. Besides, it looks really cool, so you will not have to store it in a remote corner where you will not have access to it. This basket has an interesting and modern design and is also very handy. You can easily move it from one place to another and you can leave it in a corner without the fear that its weight will harm your kid in case it tuns over. The designers Hanna-Kaisa Korolainen and Paavo Halonen used the Metropoli pattern and got the best visual impact. The bag is made of cotton and is available for $25.50.