Marimekko Biloba Blue Sheet Sets

Usually I take my kids and get out at the weekend. When it’s sunny and nice outside we just walk in the park, but when it’s raining and cloudy we look for some indoor locations. This is how we ended up going to the Museum of Natural Science. And we saw a very interesting tree in the museum yard, a tree which has unusually shaped leaves that have two lobes and this gives the name of the tree in Latin – Gingko Biloba. Actually the tree comes from Asia and is used as a remedy in many illnesses. But apparently it has been a source of inspiration for designers, too, and Kristina Isola is the best example as she introduced this design on bedsheets, too.

Bedroom blue bedding

These Marimekko Biloba Blue Sheet Sets look absolutely great and the blueish leaves of Gingko appear as a very interesting contrast against the whiteness of the bed sheet. The bedding is made of cotton sateen and it is beautifully patterned with big blue Gingko Biloba leaves and that is why it is recommended for you to wash the bed sheets in cold water either in the machine or by hand. You can now choose an item or more from this set and purchase them online for a price between $109.00 – $159.00.