Mari Duvet Cover & Sham For Spring

I know I may seems lazy, but in those days  when I come home late at night all tired by a stressful day at work, all I need is to lay in bed an take a good night sleep.  But to get more relaxed you need more than will. Of course you need a good bed with a soft mattress, but that’s not all. I always feel better when I lay in good quality sheets. All counts: the texture, the material, the color and even the smell.

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Mari Duvet comes with a wonderful set of cover and sham, made especially for your relaxation. The woven is made from 95% cotton and 5% organic cotton. The use of natural materials prevents allergies and makes you feel more comfortable when you touch the soft tissue. Also for your comfort, the cover has a button closure so the duvet won’t slip away. The sheets are easy to wash even by machine at a gentle cycle in warm water, but you must avoid chlorine bleaches.

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Besides the great materials and tissue, the sheets also have a great design. the white color calm you and makes you sure you are in a pure medium. The sheets are also decorated with pale blue curly vegetal motifs, for a more chic touch. So drink a cop of hot milk, run to your bed and let the dreams carry you on. I hope you’ll have a great sleep in your new Mari Duvet cover and sham.Available for 103 euros.