12 Ways to Put Marble In Your Home That You Can Buy or DIY

There are certain materials in decorating that really are timeless. While palm patterned wallpaper fades in and out of fashion, marble really is here to stay. It’s so classic and durable and easily incorporated into any design scheme. Yes, whether you’re going for French rustic or 70’s boho, a touch of marble just brings everything together. Fortunately, while there are many beautiful ways to incorporate the natural rock into your home, not all of them require a fortune. Whether your budget is big or small, check out these 12 ways to put marble into your home.


marble kitchen backsplash

When it comes to putting marble in the kitchen, counters are the obvious place. But have you ever thought of making that gorgeous pale pattern your backsplash too? Suddenly, that frozen pizza you put on the counter looks like it’s straight from a fancy restaurant. (via Lark and Linen)

diy utensil holder

Swooning over marble counters that you can’t afford? You will discover in this post that marble patterned contact paper can be your BFF. Use it on a vase to create a marbled utensil crock that will look just as chic on the kitchen counter you already have. (via A Beautiful Mess)

Living Room

marble fireplace

It’s okay. You are certainly allowed to ogle that marble fireplace. It’s so very French and fabulous. So if you’re building your own home or remodeling your living room, consider adding a marble fireplace like that. You won’t regret it. (via Fieldstone Hill Design)

diy fire screen

And then for some of us, a marble fireplace is just a dream. But you can have the same effect by DIYing this faux marble fire screen with… yup, you guessed it, marbled contact paper. No one will ever guess it’s not real. (via The White Buffalo Styling Co.)

Dining Room

marble dining table

It’s official. Any food placed on a marble surface is instantly Instagram-able. Which makes splurging on a tabletop like this in your dining room worth every single last penny. (via Domaine)

diy marble tray

Are you pining for marble background Instagrams without the dollar signs? Make this simple tray for half the price and still have a lovely marble surface for snapping pictures of your gorgeous cocktails. You’ll be a food blogger in no time. (via Pennies for a Fortune)


marble bathroom shower

Putting marble in your bathroom in any shape or size is always a good idea. It will probably end up being the selling point for your house when you move. So excuse me while I go lust over this marble tiled shower. (via Green Thumb White Apron)

diy bathroom shelf

A bathroom can never have too much storage for all those little things like nail polish and cotton swabs and nail clippers. You can make these marble shelves in an afternoon and you’ll find that even just a small square of marble can give your powder room a whole new feel. (via The Merrythought)


marble bedside table

You might be wondering how you would incorporate marble into your bedroom of all places, but this bedside table certainly sets the bar high. There wouldn’t be a better place to hold your iPhone and nighttime reading material. (via Poppytalk)

diy bedside table

While you’re wondering about how you’re going to afford the bedside table above, check out this marbled IKEA makeover. I’m totally in love with that pop of gold. Because gold and marble is the best combination ever. (via Petra Tungarden)


marble office desk

I doubt that anyone would mind working at a marble desk like this one. There’s just something about having marble in your office that makes it feel expensive, chic and powerful. (via New York Times)

diy mini clock

For those of us who don’t have the bucks, this mini marble clock is possible the sweetest DIY ever. I wouldn’t mind having one for my desk and my bookshelf and my dresser. That’s the kind of marble I’m talking about. (via Sugar and Cloth)