Many Moods of Yellow

Like many colors whose reputation precedes them, yellow tends to be categorized, more often than not, as in-your-face-spazzy. While yellow is bright and noticeable (it can’t help it!), there are actually many different moods and stories the color can tell. Some full of whimsy, some shy, some sophisticated, and some sweet. Below are evidences of yellow’s adaptability and charm in a variety of spaces:

Bold & Dramatic.

Yellow living room

Solid pieces in a mustard-y yellow draw attention and add drama to this corner nook. Even silver bowl adopts the color. If one’s intent is to draw attention, one must also make sure there are details worth noticing. This space does that perfectly – with the curvy legs on the simple buffet and the casual chain link print on the pillow. (Oh, and I just have to say: yellow might be the eye-catcher here, but you can’t ignore that chair. Those legs are fabulous.)

Sweet & Cheerful.

Yellow living room

There are so many different hues of yellow in this space, but they are all in the same warm buttery yellow family. This style makes the differences in tone work together to create a lovely, cheerful space. Light white gauzy curtains are a nice counterbalance to the solid yellow walls. Plus, the sweet prints on textiles throughout visually break things up nicely.

Hint of Sunshine.

Yellow living room

In this (almost) all-white kitchen, where floor melds into cabinets meld into ceiling, it would be easy to lose depth and definition without some infusion of color. Lemon yellow as the ceiling color is an excellent architecturally defining factor. Plus, it’s just a great color choice in general because nothing goes better with kitchens than lemons anyway! (Well, raspberry cheesecake might be a close second…)

Fresh & Neutral.

Yellow living room

Although “neutral” is not often a word used to describe an eye-catching color, yellow can, on occasion, fill in and fade into the background to highlight other brighter colors flawlessly. Paired here with a few larger pieces of fuchsia, yellow adds the brightness that the fresh, feminine space requires…and it does this without competing. White and wood tones are used wisely in large amounts to ground the space overall. I think this glimpse is just beautiful.

Contemporary & Chic.

Yellow living room

Although yellow is used in a fairly large amount here, each yellow piece is used as a “pop” against the whites, greys, and blacks that make up the rest of this space. Delicately and natural-detailed yellow paneling (on the left) is used wisely to balance the many items on the many shelves right next to it. One wall holds just two larger pieces and the other wall houses many singular items, but visually the walls are balanced because the yellow paneling is so powerful.

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