Manuscrit Rug

“Manuscrit” is the French word for “manuscript” and it comes from two Latin words, meaning written by hand. Each person’s writing is different from the other and shows special individual particularities. Starting from this the designer Joaquim Ruiz Millet created this beautiful Manuscrit Rug for Nani Marquina. This is part of Nani Marquina’s collection Black and White that tries to show contrasts and beauty. Being also a writer, Joaquim Ruiz Millet used an actual paper of one of his manuscripts, written in Catalan, his native language.

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The black handwriting against the white background makes a spectacular visual effect and the fact that the designer used his own handwriting shows his involvement in the project. It means that he offers a piece of his work and art displayed on another one, that is two pieces of art in one. He literally offers customers his art as an offering at their feet. The idea of a rug with handwriting on is pretty original and interesting and customers should appreciate it, as they will have original items in their homes. Besides, the rug is made of high quality New Zealand wool and the knot count is 4,320 knots/sq. ft. The rug is made in India and you can purchase it from Design within Reach for $3,068.50.