Mantle Phrases: Styling Words Above the Fireplace

Sometimes a word is your best piece of decor. It not only looks nice and can conform to any style you choose, but it conveys a feeling and creates an ambiance unlike any other home accessory that merely just sits and “looks” pretty. Dream, family, faith, inspire or even an, “I love you,” works for this type of decoration and adornment. Take a look at some ideas and inspiration on to style words above your fireplace and around your mantle.

1. Summertime.

SummerMantle2012 2View in gallery

This summertime seasonal look is causal and simple, and it all focuses around the short, brief and care-free quote hanging out in the middle. The words themselves set the tone and the accents only enhance the look.

2. Niche.

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If you’re a writer, a lover of books or just find yourself inspired by a handwritten letter, then why not use the mantle as your muse? Whether it’s books or animals, find your niche and then create it around words of similar interests.

3. Christmastime.

Christmas mantel decorView in gallery

A simple phrase can cause quite the stir. Whether faith based or a lyric from your favorite Christmas carol, it’s easy to create the right holiday atmosphere by adding the right words to the mantle, a focal point of every home.

4. Eclecticism.

Beautiful mantelView in gallery

Mix and match letter sizes and shapes to create a word or phrased that matches your boho style. Take this mantle for instance as it spells out, “Beautiful Life.”


This is lifeView in gallery

“This is the life,” “Family,” or the popular, “Faith,” are all great choices for family homes that just want to feel cozy, warm and inviting for all of their guests. But, we love how they made the styling a bit funkier and more upbeat than the usual traditions.

6. Cottage.

Home traditional cottage mantelView in gallery

A simple, “Home,” is all you need to make this cottage-esque living room completely stylish and on trend. That easy, subtle wording creates a feeling that this picture-perfect space has a heart.

7. Modern.

White wallpaper fireplaceView in gallery

A single letter works too, especially for more modern styles. It could signature the family’s name or an inside joke or story for just the homeowners to know about. We love how this ampersand stands for a joining of families, thoughts or ideas.

8. Playful.

Diy mantel decorView in gallery

A bit like its eclectic predecessor, this “My Heart is on Fire,” sing-song accent is not only beautiful, but playful and youthful in spirit. It dresses up this modern, n0-mantle fireplace is just the right ways.