Manifold By Anthony Leyland

Just launched at Designersblock in London the Manifold By Anthony Leyland which are made from bent steels and use no fixings at all making it all looked clean sleek and elegant. I really like the futuristic design and will be perfect for any place from my home .The Manifold By Anthony Leyland is available in many colors.

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He shapes are certainly unusual. And the colors used are interesting as well. You don’t see very often a table that looks like this. It will certainly become the focal point of attention. It could be used in a lot of different ways. For example it could a very nice coffee table or a very small dining table. You could even use it for other activities as well. It’s modern, interesting, colorful, unusual, original and unique. And it’s very easy to clean and maintain.  I would definitely like to have a piece like this in my home. I would probably get a lot of compliments for it and all my friends and relatives would ask “what’s the deal with your coffee table?” An unique piece for an unique person.