Mangrove Chair by Veraseri Designs

Pollution and greenhouse effect have caused many problems in nature, one of the most serious ones being the disappearance of some natural ecosystems, for example the mangroves on the seashore. More and more people are now aware of these problems and some of them have chosen to express themselves and make other people aware, too, leading in the end to a movement and to some measures being taken. This Mangrove Chair is the way in which the designer Adam Krehbiel from Veraseri Designs , chose to fight against this problem. So he designed the chair and sold it for $12,000 most of which went to an organization involved in earth conservation.

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This unusual looking chair uses both natural and artificial materials like yellow pine wood, steel pipes, natural resins and sand. Over 90% of the materials used are recycled, which is great and shows once again that a creative mind can use almost anything and get amazing results. Apart from the artistic point of view , the chair can also be used to add a personal touch to a room and also raises awareness on this serious problem of ecosystems disappearing from the face of the Earth. These are stylized Mangroves, but they look so real and nice that can’t believe this is actually created by the humans.