Mama Shelter hotel around the world

When you have a prosper business and its name is nationally recognized, then you know that is time to expand your business at a higher level. Think big, go all over the world and only then you can say your company is a real brand. People love to travel so the best sold products and the most loved and luxurious brands concern the tourism sector and the hotel industry.

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One of the most famous names when it comes to luxurious hotels is the one of Mama Shelter. The hotel was voted the trendiest one from Europe so the developers decided to expand the business also in USA and in other European countries, and now it takes over the world!After it was launched in Paris, now it’s time for Los Angeles, California, Istanbul, Lyon and Bordeaux to shelter the incredible elegance of the Mama Shelter.

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The hotel is so popular also because, despite its luxurious and stylish design and services, it actually has some accessible prices. The Mama Shelter’s design was conceived by Philippe Starck who managed to please both critics and simple tourists. The hotel is well-known because he received different awards from Condé Nast Traveller Wallpaper and Vogue. After all these recognitions, you may be sure that no matter which Mama Shelter hotel you choose, from no matter what  city, you will have a wonderful time and each day of rest will worth every penny.  So pack your things and start a world tour! Mama Shelter will shelter you almost all over the globe.