Bright And Modern Mallorcan Retreat Lets The Scenery Complete It

Life in the beautiful Mallorca, Spain is pretty close to perfection, especially if you get to enjoy it in a stunning villa like this one. This seafront paradise home has unobstructed views of the mesmerizing scenery and a design to die for.

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Mallorca Gold house facadeView in gallery

The house was built with a resort-style design and structure. Inspired by a relaxed lifestyle, it has a very breezy and casual look. So whether you’re spending time indoors or relaxing by the pool, the ambiance is simply amazing.

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Built on a slope, the villa embraces the scenery with its glazed facade. The modern pool has beautiful deep blue tiles designed to reflect the surroundings and the decks take full advantage of the outdoors with their glass railings.

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Mallorca Gold Residence swimming pool deck1View in gallery

Mallorca Gold Residence swimming pool deck2View in gallery

The outdoor entertainment areas have particularly casual designs. To emphasize the beauty of the location and the breezy ambiance, white and blue became the two main colors used for the décor.

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Mallorca Gold Living Room Patio ViewView in gallery

It’s like the turquoise sea is part of the house’s design. The open concept interior spaces are a perfect blend of function and style. The huge glass windows and walls welcome the colorful landscape inside and allow it to complete the minimalist décor.

Mallorca Gold white and black kitchenView in gallery

Each area of the house has its own unique features. The kitchen, for example, features a stunning range hood that looks more like a modern sculpture than an appliance. It perfectly complements the black and white palette.The kitchen island doubles as a bar facing the wide window. This area also opens onto the deck and the transition is extremely natural.

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The dining area is one of my favorite areas. Those blue chairs are an extraordinary burst of color and have the perfect design to complement that minimalist white table. The space is very subtly delimitated by a rectangular area rug with a light and casual design.

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Mallorca Gold Living Area Glass Window1View in gallery

On the other side of the room is the living area, an elegant and inviting space with a glass coffee table at the center and the perfect piece of wall art to complement the whole design.

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A glass-enclosed floating staircase leads upstairs. Here, a hallway with beautiful murals featuring colors inspired by the sea and the clear sky is the link between the bedrooms.

Mallorca Gold small bedroom sliding windowsView in gallery

Mallorca Gold small bedroom sliding windows1View in gallery

The sliding glass doors and the panoramic views of the sea and the sky make this element bedroom the perfect place to be at when the sun sets. The tufted leather headboard gives the room a very nice sense of comfort and coziness even though the color palette is light and simple.

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A second bedroom features the same type of clean and contemporary design and also has sliding doors that connect it to the adjacent room.

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Mallorca Gold Luxury BathroomView in gallery

Luxury also defines the bathrooms which are exquisitely simple and stylish. One has floor-to-ceiling glass walls facing the sea and the other feels extra spacious thanks to the mirrored surfaces.

Mallorca paradise basement Turkish bath and spaView in gallery

And let’s not overlook the basement which, in the case of this resort-style villa, is home to a sauna and Turkish bath.{images and info from site}.