Make Your Room Look Like a Vampire’s Room

Thanks to the increasing popularity of “the twilight”, vampire related movies and books, as people are totally becoming obsessed with vampires and are evoking vampire concepts and themes for their room. However, making your room look like a vampire room is definitely a good idea. Executing the theme in your room will not only be interesting but also fun to do.

Black room decorating

The Cullens’ house from The Twilight Saga: New Moon

1) Firstly, you need to clean your room and keep away all the things, including decoration items that would make it appear a typical decorated room.

2) When people think of vampires, the impression that comes to the mind automatically is a picture in black color. So, the background color of the room has to be black. Walls with black paint and various decorative elements should be used to create the atmosphere of the vampire. However, keep in mind that you do not over do it. Moreover, black room absorbs a lot of heat so your room is going to be warm all the year round, especially in summers.

Black room decorating

3) Another suitable color that may be used for vampire themed rooms is crimson red color. Crimson red color will make your room sexy and warm. You need to pair the red walls with lots of antique and black accessories.

4) Furniture in the room should be minimal. A four poster bed, gothic style cabinet, large mirror with antique frame, armoire and glass exterior will be more than enough.

5) For the furnishings of the room, again you need to go for crimson red color as black furnishings will exaggerate the appearance. Use rich satin fabric to enhance the look further. Try to place a dark area rug, preferably in black or dark brown color.

6) You need to pay a lot of attention to the lighting as well. Large and bright lighting fixtures are a complete “no” for vampire themed rooms. Use brass and antique finish antique fixtures with low voltage bulbs. You may place few candles in antique candleholders or cups in the room.

7) There are lots of accessories that can be brought from antique and thrift stores and shall help you impart the perfect gothic look to your room. Old mirrors, picture frames, ornate accouterments, candelabras will add mystery to the room.