Make your own Wooden Floor Mat

We are all different and most of us are happy about it. We try to make it even more visible by being original both at home and in public. Here’s a simple way of distinguishing yourself from everyone else right from the entrance. Greet your guests with this colorful wooden mat.You can make it yourself and it’s not even so difficult.

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The parts can be crafted using simple tools but it would all go faster and easier if you would use a drill press for the 76 holes. Let’s see the steps you’ll need to take for this project. First cut 1’’ x 2’’ boards into 4 pieces. Sand the faces and the edges of each board with sandpaper and cut them into 9’’ long pieces. Sand the edges. You should also consider making extra piece in case you make some mistakes. All the pieces need to be cut to identical lengths.

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After you cut and sand all the pieces, install a 5/16’’ bit in a drill press and drill holes on both ends of each piece. Before putting everything together you should decide whether or not you want to paint your mat. If that’s the case, first apply a coat or primer and let it dry. Sand smoothen the pieces and then apply two coats of paint. After that lay out 15 pieces and measure the width of your mat. Then cut threaded rods about 5/8’’ longer that the width. Insert a threaded rod through 15 pieces and hold the rod steady with pliers while turning a stop nut onto each end to hold the rod in place. After that continue adding groups of seven or eight pieces until you’re done. Now you have a colorful and original mat for your home. It’s unusual and interesting and it will make your guests smile right from the entrance.{found on lowescreatives}.