Make Your Home Smarter With The Best Gadgets Presented At CES 2014

CES or the Consumer Electronics Show is where all new technologies and innovations can be found. It’s a show held in Las Vegas every year and here next-generation innovations are introduced to the marketplace. With more than 3,200 exhibitions and over 152,000 attendees from more than 150 countries,you’re bound to find here something that will transform your life forever. We’ve selected the best 7 products presented this year.

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The Worlds’s First Curved UHD TV

Let’s start with the world’s first curved TV presented by Samsung. It’s a 105” LCD with a 21:9 aspect ratio and 5120 x 2160 resolution. By pressing one button the edges of the TV will bend out into a curved shape. It’s an important first step towards flexible screens and we can’t wait to see the next creation in this sense.{found on theverge}.

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Interactive touchscreen cooktop

If you thought the transition from a regular/ traditional stove to a touch-screen cooktop was amazing, take a look at this product. Now you can cook on your countertop. It can display recipes, it allows you to control the heat and to listen to music while you cook. This eliminates the need for an iPad in the kitchen and it also lets you save space. This is a product from Whirlpool.{found on techonshow}.

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World’s First Connected Toothbrush

Next on our list is this smart toothbrush. It’s a toothbrush which you can connect to your smartphone and which will keep track of your brushing habits. Just download the app and after that every brush stroke will be recorded. The app can be used with several toothbrushes and you’ll also get a score so you can make it a fun activity for the whole family.{found on mashable}.

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Smart Bed

Are you sleeping well at night? If not, maybe it’s because your bed doesn’t watch over you. This sounds a little creepy but what we actually mean is that there is a bed with a technology called Sleep IQ which tracks your breathing rate, movement and heart rate as you sleep. The bed will also diminish the size of your wallet to make it even more comfortable. (the price starts at $7,999). {found on mashable}.

LG Home Chat

Have you ever tried to speak to your washing machine or to your oven? What if it could understand you and do what you say? We’re not trying to say that you’re crazy but simply talking about LG HomeChat. It’s based around the instant message so basically you can send a text message to your washing machine telling it to start a load of laundry. You can also turn up the heat, start and stop the vacuum and do many other things by simply messaging your appliances.{found on gizmodo}.

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Eyelock ID unlocks

Aren’t you tired of changing the password to your computer because it’s not safe enough or because it’s been compromised? It would sure be nice to have a system which only allows you to use your computer. Well there is one. It’s called EyeLock. It’s an iris scanner and this basically means that only your eyes can unlock your computer. It’s definitely an impressive progress.{found on mashable}.

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Functional wall art

This is the Twelve24 E-ink Based Clock. It’s a meter long and extremely thin and it’s an interesting piece of functional wall art. It’s also energy-efficient and powered by E-ink so one battery will last an entire year. It’s definitely a lot compared to the other wall clocks.{found on prnewswire}.