How To Improve Your Home Security

Maybe you’re not particularly concerned about possible break-ins and burglar attacks but why make your home an easy target when you don’t have to? There are lots of ways in which you can increase your home security and not all these solutions break the bank. A lot of these measures are general and let you improve home security in time. Others include things you can get done right away and see the results.

Get a solid door

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It’s important to have a solid front door and this also applies to all other doors that connect your home to the outside world. Analyze your options. Wooden doors are known to be strong and durable but if you want something heavy-duty try a metal door. That should keep you safe at night.

High-quality locksets

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No matter how strong and sturdy your doors are, if the lockset is faulty anyone could easily break it. It’s why you should invest in a high-quality lock for your exterior doors, including the garage door. You should also consider adding a deadbolt to your lock.

Motion-activated lighting

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install motion-activated lighting above your doors and windows. If you’re around, you’ll notice when the lights get activated and even if you’re not home, a potential thief will rarely risk being seen by others and will give up the quest.

Install peep holes

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Peep holes may not seem that important but can really help improve your home security. Make it a habit to check first before opening the door to a stranger. And if here are kids in the house, don’t hesitate to add a second peep hole they can all reach.

Alarm systems

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An alarm system may not actually stop a thief from entering the house but, if that happens, the changes for him to get caught drastically increase. Plus, the alarm may actually scare the thief away before actually doing anything. Make sure you change the code regularly.

Security cameras

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Security cameras are an excellent way of keeping an eye on everything that’s happening around your house. They are, however, expensive but with a larger cost comes a larger array of benefits.

Decorative grills and bars

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Security grills and bars make it a lot more difficult for someone to break in. install them on all windows at the ground floor so a potential thief can’t break them. Aside from improving your home security, they can also feature interesting designs.

Get a safe

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Some things are irreplaceable. You’ll most likely be able to repair any damage a burglar may cause for your home but if something really valuable gets stolen you may never see it again. The solution could be to have a safe inside the house. Keep all your valuables and cherished possessions inside. Unless it’s really lightweight or easy to break in, you have nothing to worry about.

Get a dog

Burglars don’t like to attract attention and dogs like to bark when they hear something outside the door or window. So even a tiny dog can turn out to be efficient. Plus, you’ll get a new best friend.

A smart lock

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Smart locks don’t really offer more than deadlocks in terms of home security. They are, however, more convenient for home owners and they may intimidate some potential burglars who simply won’t know how to go around such a lock.