Make Your Apartment Bathroom Look and Feel Larger

Unless you are staying in a customized apartment with a luxurious dressing room and bath, you may find yourself longing for a larger bathroom. Today, most of the houses have cramped, small and dark bathrooms. The good news is that you can easily make your bathroom look and feel large without adding extra square footage.

Bathroom mirros

Here is a list of useful tips that shall help you create an illusion of space and make your apartment bathroom appear spacious –

1) The color of the walls is known to largely contribute to the overall look of the room. Use soft and pale color schemes for dressing the walls as they create an illusion of space. If you prefer using wallpaper, select delicate and small textures or prints in soft shades rather than detailed or fussy patterns.

2) Use a minimal amount of towels, accessories, rugs, art pieces and decorative items. In addition, try to purchase accessories and towels in similar colors and also match them with the wall color.

3) Use of mirrors in the bathroom is known to create the illusion of open space. A mirror with the right placement can actually make your bathroom appear twice as large, then its actual size. You may also install a full length mirror on the back of the bathroom door.

4) Make use of bright lighting. A well lit room is known to look and feel large. Open the curtains and allow the sun shine to travel in. Instead of the wall mounted lights, try to install ceiling mounted lights of high voltage. This will impart a spacious feel to the bathroom. Moreover, stick to white light only and do not use orange light at all as they are known to make a room appear smaller than its actual size.

5) Excessive clutter is known to make a bathroom look small and cramped. Eliminate all sorts of clutter from the countertops and other surfaces. Avoid leaving your items on the countertop. Make it a habit to place them back in the drawers or shelves. The more empty space you have in your bathroom, the larger the bathroom will appear.

6) Instead of a clothes rock, try installing a hook on the back of the door for hanging the clothes.

7) Avoid using multiple holders and dispensers around the sink. Have a slender soap dispenser in place of a wide soap dish.