How To Make Wall Art For Your Home Using Reclaimed Wood

Recycling has many advantages. In addition to helping protect and save the environment, it can also be really fun and creative. Reclaimed wood, for example, can be used in a lot of interesting ways. Check out these wall art designs that are all done using recycled wood. Each one is unique and each can be customized.


Making wall art out of recycled wood is a simple process. For instance, to craft a piece that looks like this one you’ll need some scrap wood pieces and some paint in various colors. The frame can be crafted and for this part you can also use recycled wood or you can simply use an existing frame. After you cut the wood into pieces, you start arranging them like pieces of a puzzle. This way you can come up with a color combination more easily. Then, after painting each piece of wood the desired color, you glue them one by one onto a piece of plywood that will be the backing for the frame.{found on designbuildlove}.

Colorfull wood wall art

A similar project can feature a simpler design. Instead of cutting the wood pieces diagonally, you just give them straight angles and you create a symmetrical composition. The organization of the colors and the combination of shades can be chosen depending on personal preferences or on the image and message you’re trying to send with this piece of wall art.{found on oldhousetonewhome}.

Ombre wood stencil art

We also found a lovely project that focuses on reusing wood in a creative way on biggerthanthethreeofus. The first step is to gather some scrap wood in the form of thin boards or, since that actually sounds complicated, any wood board which you can then cut to the desired size and shape. Once that part is done you can stain the boards using different colors or you can paint them and then adhere them to some plywood. Then comes the fun part: adding the finishing touches which involves using a stencil and some white paint.

DIY super easy lightweight whitewashed sign

The reclaimed wood wall art featured on beckhamandbelle would definitely look beautiful in a beach house or basically in any home that has a casual décor. To make something similar, gather a few scrap wood boards and assemble a simple frame. Then take some plywood slats and glue them to the frame. Prepare your stencil and apply the primer and paint onto the plywood boards. When you peel off the letters you’ll see how the whole design comes together.

DIY constellation display

Of course, other methods can be used if you want your wall art to stand out. Try using bright colors such as featured on creatingwithklc. There’s actually more to this design than color alone. To make this constellation wall display you need a wood slice, a gold paint pen, colored pencils and a drill. You can choose any constellation you want.

Wood arrow sign art

Another simple project you can make using scrap wood pieces can be found here. The arrow sign featured here was made using a bunch of wood pieces cut at a 45 degree angle and a few others that have right angles. Your arrow can be shaped however you want and you can customize it in a lot of fun ways, including with colored paint.

Rustic Hanging Wall art

Reclaimed wood scraps can also be used when crafting frames for original wall art. Each one uses four pieces of scrap wood, a piece of jute twine or rope and an image which you can either create yourself or print out. Check out ashadeofteal for more details on this project.