Make Use of Dead Space Under the Stairs

The dead space under the stairs can be used in a productive manner rather than being left as an unused space. If the place is properly used, it will not only cater to a need but shall add to the overall décor of the house. Here is a list of tips to discover the hidden potential of dead space and make it useful –

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1) The dead space under the stairs can be used for creating stylish and practical storage solutions. Line the area with cedar panels and add few shelving spaces and hooks. You can use the space to store your winter season clothes. If the space is quite large, you may also introduce a linen cupboard at one side and use the other side for shoes, clothing, etc. It is also a great place where you can leave your broom, cleaning supplies and vacuum cleaner.

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2) Store sports gear – Sports gear are known to occupy a lot of storage space as they come in all sorts of odd shapes and sizes. These gears spread around the house look very unpleasant. Consider using the space under the stairs to store them. You may place soccer boots on the shelves, hang hockey sticks and badminton rackets, and store camping gear.

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3) Turn the space under the stairs into a laundry or kitchen – Most of us prefer laundries in cupboards. However, a laundry inside a cupboard in the dead space under the stairs is also a good idea. This shall free your laundry room space, which can be used for other purposes.

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4) Make a reading corner – Space under the stairs can be used to create a reading area. Add a sofa or a recliner, a table and a bookcase. Install a lighting fixture and you have a special space for reading.

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5) Wine rack – Using the dead space under the stairs for storing wine bottles is simply an excellent idea.  You may install permanent build ins or opt for elegant slide-in racks. This space will provide you more room for storing than your mini rack purchased from the market.

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6) Play house for kids – The dead space under the stairs can be designed as a play house for kids. Add shelves on one end to provide storage space for toys and games. Paint the area in a bright color and place a warm rug on the floor.