Make Unique Design Serving Plates With This Quick Trick

Making your own ceramics isn’t exactly an accessible, do at home kind of hobby, but there is a way to get creative and produce unique pieces without getting messy! It won’t involve making pots from scratch, but these pieces will surely add an eye-catching element to your table decor or styled shelves.

Design Component Serving Plates

Today I will show you how you can DIY serving plates and bowls using simple white pottery and interesting bases, made out of: marble, cork, metal elements, wood, geometric vases or other materials you’d wish to use. It’s really easy and the possibilities are endless – you can mix and match many parts – making different plates each time. Have a look how I made my set of component pottery using this super quick method:

Design Component Serving Plates - Gold Base
Design Component Serving Plates Closer

You will need:

  • bowls, plates (of any shape and size)
  • super glue
  • base – here you can get really creative. To build my set of plates I have used – marble knob, brass metal ring, ceramic geometric vase and cork lid. You might as well use wooden elements for a more natural look.
Design Component Serving Plates - Ceramics Supplies


When choosing a base for each element, make sure it is big enough to balance and hold the bowl/plate. I have first tested each element with the chosen base to be sure it fits well. When your components are matched, you can start gluing the pieces.

Turn the base upside down and apply glue

Turn the base upside down and apply a fair amount of super glue. Take a chosen base and hold two elements tight for a few minutes making sure, they are glued well. Let the glue dry for a couple of hours before using your new ceramic pieces.

Design Component Serving Plates - Add Base
Design Component Serving Plates - Base

I really like the Cool look, but they are also very functional when you have a limited table space and a lot of dishes (think any Holiday – Christmas or Easter!). You can vary the heights of the plates, not only making your table decor look stylish but also fitting more serving plates on it. What do you think?

Design Component Serving Plates - Marble
Design Component Serving Plates - Gold
Design Component Serving Plates - Cork Base
Design Component Serving Plates - Set

Are you going to make your own set for this Christmas? We would love to see your creations!