Make The Impossible Possible: 24 Rooms In One Tiny Flat

This tuned up apartment from Hong Kong teaches everybody a very important lesson: even from the smallest places, people can extract something useful that’ll improve at least a little bit their homes.

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This 32 square apartment would not be enough for anybody, as there aren’t enough possibilities to compile rooms like the bathroom, the kitchen, the bedroom and the living room in this small area. Though, this young architect has invented a system of sliding walls that can change dramatically the aspect of the room, as each wall is “equipped” with things are mandatory in the house. Basically, the one that is living in that house can change instantly the décor of its apartment, depending directly of its needs and will.

And, in order to save some money from the electric energy bill, the house is designed in such a way – with the help of a mirrors system- that in 95% of the time there is no need to turn on the lights. Video after you jump.