Make That Staircase Landing Gorgeous

The staircase landing doesn’t have to remain empty or go to waste. You can do wonderful things in this space – and you should since it is always noticed by people walking up and down the stairs. Here are some décor tips to add some flair to this prized location in your home that often gets ignored.

Take a Seat.

Picture frames staircase landing
Social Staircase Landing

Make your staircase landing a place of rest for you or your guests between flights of stairs. This is a charming addition and fills the space with trendy statement furniture.

Bring in the Light.

Picture frames staircase landing
Brighten it up Naturally

If you don’t have windows that allow light to shine onto the staircase, it could be a good idea to create one. This is especially a nice idea if your staircase is dim. A bit of light can work wonders to make it look much more inviting.

Books and More.

Picture frames staircase landing
Storage Options Between Floors

If you are lacking a bit of storage space in your home, the staircase landing can be the perfect place to store a few of your belongings. Place a bookshelf or chest of drawers here to fill the space nicely while giving you a chance to prevent clutter in your living space.

Keep it Connected.

Picture frames staircase landing
Staircase Landing ‘Window’

Not only can the staircase landing display a special mementos or other eye-catching details, but part of it can open up as a window overlooking the room beyond. This is a clever trick to create harmony in your living space and make rooms better connected. It also adds an interesting touch to your staircase.

Add a Mirror.

Picture frames staircase landing
Small Touches of Décor Make a Difference

A mirror on the landing can be perfect – it gives you a chance to check out your reflection before continuing up or down the stairs. You could also rest vases or other décor items for a quick staircase landing update that doesn’t take much time or money. Simply use décor accessories from other parts of the house and store them here.

Accent Wall.

Picture frames staircase landing
Hang Your Favorite Art

You can leave the floor of the staircase landing empty – but if you do, make sure you take your artistic touches to the wall. This is a great area to create an accent wall – you could paint it a color that differs from the rest of your living space. Or, you could hang art that you want to be most noticed by people.

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