Small Décor Accents That Have A Big Impact On The Overall Design

It’s often the small things that have the biggest impact on the overall décor of a room. For example, something as simple as a vase of flowers can totally change the ambiance in the room. By focusing on these small things you can control the entire design and décor and the only question remaining is “what would these small things be and how can you make them?”.

L shaped blue sofa uk pillowView in gallery

Something as simple as an eye-catching accent pillow resting casually on the sofa or a colorful flower sitting on the window sill can totally transform a space.

Rattan basket firewood storageView in gallery

It’s important to try to give everything a bit of character. Even the basket in which you store your firewood can have an impact on the overall décor.

Crochet basket for the cue tipsView in gallery

Find ways to add character to your bathroom as well. For example, make a tiny crochet basket for the cue tips.

Cloud cutting boardView in gallery

For the kitchen, get a cutting board with an interesting shape like a cloud or flower. It would be a nice detail, a lot more beautiful than the plain and simple rectangular cutting boards everyone has.

Store your kitchen utensilsView in gallery

Or store your kitchen utensils in vintage pitchers or vases. What a great way of adding a bit of vintage charm to the kitchen and making it feel more inviting.{found on bucketsofburlap}.

Pencil holder acrylic officeView in gallery

Make beautiful storage containers for your makeup brushes, pencils, craft supplies and all the other items you usually keep on the desk.{found on popsugar}.

Makeup vanity traysView in gallery

And gather all the makeup supplies, perfumes and accessories you use most often on a beautifully decorated tray. They can sit on the dresser or on the vanity.

Decorate the coffee table with books you loveView in gallery

Don’t leave the coffee table empty. Display something on it. It could be a potted plant, a vase of flowers, a stack of books or a beautiful coral.

Firewood storage during the winterView in gallery

Knitted home accessories are really great for making the space feel more comfortable, warm and welcoming during winter.

Yellow painted framesView in gallery

Add a bit of color to your workspace. Hang some framed photos on the wall, hang a planter from the ceiling, make bunting to decorate the wall in front of your desk or opt for some brightly-colored pencil holders.

Gold office accessoriesView in gallery

You can also bring glamor into the workspace with golden accessories. It’s all in the details.