Make Over Your Guest Bedroom For January

Did you make a New Year’s resolution to improve the look of your home? If your guest room has been neglected for a few years, you will not be alone, because guest rooms tend to be redecorated less often than other bedrooms. If you have resolved to take on an interior design project for your home in January, a good place to start is with your guest room.

New Headboard, New Color Scheme.

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However, you don’t need to make wholesale and expensive changes to your room’s layout or design to give it a fresh look in the New Year. There are various ways that you can alter the feel of the room with a few, well chosen, elemental alterations.

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A good way of making over a guest bedroom, with a minimum of fuss, is to alter the color scheme. You don’t need to redecorate the entire room, just change one color. If your room is green and brown, for instance, switch to green and yellow. Change your headboard for something that stands out and make this the starting point for the new color scheme.

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A double height chocolate brown headboard, for example, looks great set off against some occasional furniture with a trim in the same tone. Enliven a white room with a pink headboard set off by some rose colored linen, or go for a bold scarlet headboard with a matching bedspread.


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Fit new carpet to your bedroom’s floor. This will force you to remove all the furniture and bedding and perhaps give you the inspiration to alter the layout of the room. After all, it can be easy to get stuck in a rut with a room. Does the bed always have to occupy the same space in the room? Why not go for carpet tiles from several different designs, for a coordinated but eclectic look?

Mix The Old With The New.

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If you have a contemporarily designed bedroom then a good idea for a new look is to mix up the new with some antique items. Mixing old and new is a trend that looks set to continue throughout the coming year. Get ahead by adding a few distressed items or old fashioned photographs and juxtapose them against more contemporary stylings.


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A simple way of making over an old look in your guest room is to go for white paint. Whitewashed walls and ceilings always look fresh. If you have embossed wallpaper, why not simply paint over it rather than strip the walls back to the bare plaster? You don’t have to go for a pure white. Off whites and creams can also give you the same feeling of renewal, but the look is a little less severe in the January light.

Painted Pieces.

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A do it yourself project that doesn’t take much time or money, and will enliven the look of a guest bedroom, is to makeover an item or two of furniture. Why not remove a plain old bedside cabinet or a chest of drawers and paint it in a new and vibrant color? Alternatively, find a distressed, second hand item of wooden furniture and give it a fresh lease of life with a coat in a primary color.

Drapes And Pillows.

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Giving your guest bedroom a new feel is simple if you just go for one or two things at a time. Use this principle for another great makeover idea. Go for new drapes that coordinate with your pillow covers. Select matching material for both that fits in with the existing color palette. If you have no budget for a new look, then simply switch your drapes and pillow covers from another bedroom, to get a new look without having to spend a single dollar.

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