Make your own Lego Histogram table

The Histogram Table was originally designed for Nilufar Unlimited. It’s a beautiful, eye-catching and bold piece of furniture with a creative design. It’s the type of table that would instantly become the focal point of your living room décor simply because of its design. This remarkable accent piece has impressed us for many years now.

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To celebrate their 15th birthday, Nucleo has a gift for all its fans. As you might have guessed, it has something to do with this marvelous coffee table. It’s in fact a new version of the original Histogram table and it’s one that you can make yourself. Nucleo offers free instructions on how to build the table out of Lego bricks. It sounds like a fun project. You’ll be able to play with Lego bricks once again and this you’re actually going to build something useful.

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To get the instructions you just have to submit your email and, in return, you’ll receive the instructions via email. It’s very simple and it’s free. It’s one of the most interesting and fulfilling ways of celebrating such an event. Of course, since you’ll be building the table yourself, it won’t be the same as having an original Histogram table. But there’s more good news. You can also buy the official Nucleo certification, a gold-plated Lego brick with their logo engraved on it, to complete your table and to make it unique.