Make A Cold Basement Look Attractive

Is your basement all cluttered up with boxes of old items you don’t need? Planning to rent out your basement suit? Tired of your basement looking like an old laundry.Surely nobody likes the sight of gray and gloomy walls with exposed piping and wiring in all directions. It will take work to make a finished basement, but the rewards are worth it.

Basement windows blinds

Ceiling And Wall Cladding.

Don’t want the usual lame drywall look? Go for wood panelling for ceilings and walls to really give it the upper floor or living room look. Who said it has to be too basic? Just remember to first waterproof and sheathe the foundation walls before applying any panelling so the concrete will not be exposed. Although not very common in basements, wooden panels could be an excellent finish for your basement, good for acoustics and give an impressive artistic pattern of wood.

Basement windows blinds


I highly recommend hardwood flooring. Most would think this is crazy idea as the floor would be cold, but it’s more economical than carpeting anytime. If you want any carpets, just lay down area rugs. Make the floor finishing in contrasting color with the walls but make them match the wood panelling in the ceiling.

Basement windows blinds

Proper Lighting.

Basements usually have the least lighting outlets available. But ceiling light outlets are more common. Install a pair of track lights parallel with each other and perpendicular to the length of the basement for equal lighting to reach everywhere.

Basement windows blinds

Use Your Old Storage Items.

You stored away all those old items for a reason. Now, you can use them on display for a reason. Hang up shelves at staggering heights around the perimeter of the basement. It may look somewhat funny, but it’s quite inventive.

Basement windows blinds

Window Blinds.

Instead of those tarnished metal blinds that make the walls and windows look cheap, hang up the thick wooden blinds. Basements hold more humidity than other floors, and wooden blinds would help reduce that effect. To distinguish them, use a contrasting color with the walls to be picked up by the ceiling and floor color. The idea is to catch the eye with matching colors within its field of vision, so from a distance it would look just the right size.

Some of these strategies are simple and some take more work. But if you want an attractive looking basement, it’s worth the shot.{picture sources:1,2,3,4 and 5}.