How to Make Black Paint Work for Your Home

Black paint can certainly be intimidating. Most people have been taught that light colors are preferable to make a room look more open and spacious. But that doesn’t mean that black paint can’t be used effectively. There are a few basic rules to keep in mind when working with black paint. But if you like a modern or glamorous style and can keep a few simple design tips in mind, black paint can help you really make a strong statement in your home.

Think Contrast.



Painting an entire room or even just a wall black will clearly darken up your room quite a bit. While this is likely the effect you’re going for, you still need to consider maintaining some form of balance. Choose a light color or two to include in most of your furniture, art, flooring, window treatments, trim and ceiling. The obvious choice here would be to go with white, and then maybe include some smaller pops of color elsewhere, but you could also choose to go with other light shades instead of white if that is your preference.

Accent Wall.


An entire black room might seem very intimidating at first. But painting one accent wall black can still make a strong design statement. Consider choosing a wall that will hold a lot of other items like artwork, a TV or a fireplace and mantle, so that you’re not just looking at a huge empty dark space in your room.

Dark Trim.


And if that still seems like a little too much, consider painting your trim and other accents black instead. While not as big of a statement, it’s still a very unexpected pop of dark that can set your room apart and really emphasize your unique style. It can also help emphasize unique details in your home. Everyone expects to see white trim, so choosing a darker color can really draw the eye to certain areas of your home.

Add Something Extra.


If black paint on its own isn’t quite right for you, there are a few different options to add your own personal touch to it. Consider using different types of black paint, like matte and glossy, to create a subtle pattern. Or even use a chalkboard-based paint for a kids’ room or office so you can have some changing artwork or notes daily.

Black paint isn’t perfect for every home. But when used correctly, it can make a very strong design statement and provide a great backdrop for contrasting accents and artwork.