How To Upcycle Everyday Items Into Cute Flower Vases

A flower vase, even though it’s a very common decoration, can really cheer up a room. It doesn’t have to be very expensive or fancy. It just has to look beautiful. In fact, you can easily make a lovely-looking flower vase yourself by repurposing simple, everyday items such as a jar, a glass or a bottle.


If you need a tiny vase for small flowers, use a glass or a votive holder and a balloon. Wrap the balloon around the votive but remember to snip off the mouth of the balloon first. Slip the balloon over and push the top inside. Now you have a cute mini vase with a small hole for the flowers to fit in. {found on cfabbridesigns}.

DIY flower vase out of plastic bottles

Larger vases can be made out of plastic bottles. For one vase you need a plastic bottle, some primer, spray paint in the color of your choice, scissors and tape. After you clean the bottle, cut the top off and put tape around the rim so you don’t cut your hand. Then simply apply primer and spray paint and let it dry. {found on theseamanmom}.

DIY Upcycling painted jar flower vase

Mason jars are just as versatile. They can be repurposed in a lot of useful, practical and ingenious ways. For example, to make a jar flower vase, you need a clean glass jar, some glass paint, a paintbrush, tape, cotton lace trim, baker’s twine and gold acrylic paint. Using all these things you’ll get a design that looks similar to this one.{found on hazelfishercreations}.

Recycle old bottles and turn them into flower vases

Instead of trying to get rid of the label on the bottles and jars before you repurpose them as vases, an interesting idea is to keep them intact. So don’t paint them to hide their character and choose to display them as they are. {found on thefreespirited}.

Easy hanging wall vases

Another ingenious idea is to use test tubes as mini vases for individual flowers. Check out the hanging wall vases featured on spieceofrainbow. They’re really cute and chic and it only takes a minute to make them if you have a set of test tubes and some clear fishing line. You can get plastic test tubes instead of glass ones if you’re afraid of accidentally breaking them.

Knotted macrame bottle vase

Simply repurposing a glass bottle into a flower vase is pretty easy, especially if you choose not to paint it or anything. Basically you just clean it and that’s about it. But then there’s also the issue of finding an interesting way to display your new vase. You could, for example, make a macrame bottle hanger by following the instructions on craftingfingers.

DIY Leather Trimmed Vase

Or you can adapt the design for the leather-trimmed hanging vases featured on Lottsandlots. All you need for this project is a few old jars, neutral leather, fastenings, a hot glue gun and a leather punch. Measure the jars and cut the leather. Fold it in half and punch a hole there. Glue the leather around the neck of the bottle or jar. Cut a second piece of leather to use as a handle for the vase.