Magnificent holiday home by Architecture Bureau

What you see here is a very stylish holiday home, built in 2010. The team that worked at this project was not small by any means. It was composed of Architecture Bureau Ltd that had to work in collaboration with Evan Mayo, BArch ANZIA, Blue Wallace Surveyors Ltd, Caledonian Design Ltd, Stewart Rose Builders Ltd, Intelectric Ltd, Fernlea Joinery Ltd and Hamish Lane Landscapes Ltd. Together they managed to create this amazing house in Mt Maunganui, New Zealand.

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It was designed as a holiday home so the design fully reflects this. The house provides great flexibility for the extended family holidays. Even though it was designed as a single bedroom holiday home, it also includes three additional sleeping areas for additional family and guests. The original bedroom and the open plan living areas are oriented towards the ocean view where they can also get plenty of natural light.

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The house sits on a compact 135 sq m rectangular plan and it benefits from both natural light and the incredible views towards the Pacific Ocean. The house doesn’t have a front entry. Instead, the living area is opened to the outside and connected to the outdoors. The house was designed as a very light and sustainable home, meant to be a holiday home. Nevertheless, the owners recently decided to use it as a permanent residence. Who can blame them?