Magnetic Floating Bed

The Magnetic Floating Bed was designed by a young Dutch architect and comes for a price tag of 1.2 million euros ($1.54 million).The flying bed measure 60cm x 26cm x 4cm and has a floating height of 8cm. Magnets built into the floor and into the bed itself repel each other, pushing the bed up into the air. Thin steel cables tether the bed in place.


A very special piece of furniture that comes at a very special price. I like this bed, I really do. But I can’t imagine myself paying that much for it. Maybe if I had so much money that I could afford to throw them out the window. Then I would like to have a bed like this. People are constantly trying to bend the laws of physics. They usually fail, but sometimes, like in this case, they are actually successful.

But this doesn’t mean that everybody likes it. Some people might even find it exaggerated. They might say that it’s not such a big of a deal to have a floating bed. But that’s only after they see the price. Deep down they know they love it, just like I like it. Maybe sometime into the future this technique will become so usual all over the world that everyone will have a floating bed. Just like in the case of the mobile phones. They were cool and extraordinary at first, but now everyone has one so it’s not that interesting anymore.