Magical hanging glass bubble planters

Designed in collaboration with Shane Powers, these unique planters give you the freedom of creating your own suspended garden. They are made exclusively from glass, so they are transparent. This allows your plants to show all their features without anything blocking their beauty. They were designed to hang from a glass twine which is included in the design so you don’t have to worry about that anymore.


The open holes in the glass allows for air ferns or other types of decorative plants to peek through and to reveal their entire beauty. This unique pieces may look very fragile but they are not that sensitive. However you have to be careful when you clean them because they are hand washable. They come in two different shapes: round or capsules and the price varies from 9$ to 24$, according to the dimension (4″,5″,7″, 9″ and 13″). Be creative with these fun and simple hanging planters.